ACL Music Festival

Austin Texas has always been a place I wanted to visit to try their food and see what an “artsy” city is like. The people are genuinely nice and helpful, the ACL Festival is vey organized and well staffed. Zilker Park is large and perfect for a music festival of this magnitude. I wondered how they would separate the huge sound of a band like Depeche Mode from anyone else playing simultaneously, but the distance is so vast that it doesn’t matter.

Every band I have heard so far has been very enjoyable, even if I wouldn’t run out and buy their cd, to hear them live is best. Some bands don’t translate we’ll to a festival crowd, but everyone they picked is a winner that I have seen so far.

I spent hours watching videos and listening to bands’ hits to filter out the top picks from 8 different stages each day. Then there are at least 6 different bands on each stage per day. It is easy to pick my favs from the headliners: the Cure, Depeche Mode, and Muse.

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