Life as I have known it for the major part of my adulthood has drastically changed. For 33 years I was in a perpetual cycle of performing, teaching, working, performing, teaching, working. Finally, the greatest move of my life, since 1980, has been made. It has taken a lot of grit, guts and courage to jump back to the isolated home of my childhood. It feels sort of like Amy Blackmarr and her adventure to a cabin in the south Ga. woods.

May of 2012 I packed the entire contents of my townhome, held a four day yard sale, and headed home to Willacoochee. It took three dAYS AND SEVERAL TRIPS BACK AND FORTH TO EVEN GET EVERYTHING MOVED.It was exhausting.

It has been a very sureal culture shock after Atlanta and the access to everything feasible that a city can hold. Most of my time has been spent repairing the neglected house, cleaning the house, killing scorpions, spiders, rats, roaches, and such.

Everything around me has had its turn breaking down: The dryer, the oven, the water heater, the vaccum cleaner, the car, the cat, the alarm system, the doorbell, the filters for the deep well, the refrigerater, the faucet filters, a leaking faucet, cold water, no electricity, no trash pick up, clogged shower heads, toilet troubles, runing toilets, light fixtures, TV outlets, phone outlets, phones, printers don’t work, out of  ink, out of food, out of energy, wobbly ceiling fans, rotten wood, rotten column, stuck doors, door latches stuck, 5 doors grating the floors, holes in screens, and other misfortunes.









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